Curing the disease…


KAVI is a hospital, school, and community-based organization that provides young people with productive and safe alternatives to engaging in interpersonal violence by empowering youth and cultivating their untapped potential.

To eradicate interpersonal youth violence
KAVI is not an anti-gang program.  We believe that young men and women coming from certain communities need to have certain affiliations for day-to-day survival. However, we hope that our program participants will discover and have increased awareness of additional opportunities that exist other than traditional gang life involvement and or violence.

Kings Against Violence seeks to:

·     Decrease total incidence of violence in Brooklyn and its surrounding communities.

·      Decrease recurrent violent injury.

·      Provide crisis intervention to victims, family, and community.

·      Decrease retaliatory violence.

·      Provide healthy positive role models.

·      Decrease truancy and increase academic performance (academic assistance/tutoring/GED).

·      Improve surveillance and identifying victims of violence and those at risk for violent injury.

·      Work with established community based violence intervention organizations and educational institutions.

·      Improve confidence and self esteem.

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